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Monday, December 3, 2012

Hi my friend !

Hi my friend !

When I woke you up this morning
just before your alarm went on
- you remember ? -
there I wished
that before your day´s stress started
we could chat a little.

I would have loved
to encourage you for the day

but I saw
that you were busy
with many thoughts.

You asked yourself
what to have for breakfast and what to wear.

When you were in the shower
I would have been happy
If you had said "good morning" to me.

I would have winked at you,
but your head was full of other things.

When you were on the way
into your daily schedule
we could have had time to talk
but you had your headphones on.

I like Music. I invented it.
Would have loved to enjoy your favourite song with you.

The second verse reminds me of something,
which you can also find in my Bible
- I would have loved to show it to you -

When after a hard day, you returned home
you were pretty done. No wonder !

I had hoped
that after lunch we could sit together a bit.
You could have read in the Bible.

I would have liked to refresh you,
but you turned on your PC.
Seems to be a pretty good friend of yours,
as you spend a lot of time with him.

I thought, after that you would certainly feel rested,
and we could talk together.

But you had many important things to do
which were definitely not easy for you.

Now you are tired,
and probably you didn´t notice
that I have been beside you all the time.

I waited patiently.

Every day I long
for your smile.

For you to ask for my help,
to give me time.

I love you and would present you with much more.

We could live a much more thrilling life.

But I am a gentleman.
I won´t pester you.

Tomorrow is a new day.
and I shall wait once again
for you to come to me.

Your friend Jesus

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