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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

God Desires You Far More Than You Desire Him

by Jon Bloom / Desiring God


Christianity is not so much about you desiring God as it is about God desiring you. 

I wonder if you believe that.

We are all about desiring God at Desiring God. 

We believe with all our hearts that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.

But the truth is that we will not desire God if we don’t believe that really God desires us. 

If God is a powerful person who in reality cares little or nothing about us, we may have a fear-based respect for him, but we will not love him. 

We will certainly not be satisfied in him. 

We will keep our distance from him and find our true satisfaction elsewhere.

This is, in fact, why many of us feel distant from God. 

We think he’s distant from us, but really we are keeping our distance from him. 

We don’t desire God because we believe things about him that are wrong. 

And because of that we have grown cynical, disillusioned, and have serial spiritual adulterous affairs with idols in our lives.

And if this describes you, you’re listening to what your perception says about God and not what God says about God. 

And what you need right now is to come to terms with the truth that “Jesus Christ desires to be with you a thousand times more than you desire to be with him.” 

He wants you! 

You need to know that the Christian God is a desiring God.

Listen to the message that pastor R W Glenn delivered at our National Conference six weeks ago. 

In this message, he beautifully unpacks this truth from Hosea chapter 7. 

Please listen to it. 

It’s 45 minutes that really may change your life. 

It may help you understand why you struggle so much to desire God and it may open up a new world of worship for you. 

Here’s a taste:

If God says that he wants you (and wants all of you) warts and all, he wants you. 

Everything about you – all the stuff you are ashamed of, all the stuff you hate about yourself, all your failures, all the weaknesses, all your filthiness and all your idolatry, all your unbelief — God wants you still. 

Stop believing yourself and believe him instead. 

He’s got a fix on reality. 

And the reality is that the Lord loves you with all he is.

Jesus so loved you and desired you that while you were still a sinner he died for you (Romans 5:8). 

And if you love him at all it is because he first loved you (1 John 4:19). 

Delve into that glorious mystery! 

Don’t remain distant!

It may be that before you can focus on desiring God, you need to focus on the desiring God. 

When you really know the desiring God, you’ll find him irresistible.

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