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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who is God ?

It is far below God´s majesty to become anything like a dirty human - YES !

For, even in our most awestruck moments of life we don´t even come near of grasping the power and fearfulness of the Almighty. So why should He care ?

Yet, He DID become human. 

What does this show us ? That we cannot apply any human standards on God.

Even on what *we think* He is supposed to be like. God has to REVEAL Himself to us, blind earthworms.

God is not like any of those selfish, ego-centred, power-greedy, arrogant, wicked, sinful human rulers, pashas, dictators, presidents or sheiks, or me - NO !

The Creator became human to reveal to us His true, holy - totally different and pure - character: God the Almighty is loving, gentle, quiet, humble, calling, courting, long-suffering, patiently waiting - and oh so powerful !

Once you caught a glimpse of His true nature in Jesus, you will surrender your all and everything to Him for eternity.

My part can only be to seek Him with all my heart and mind and soul and love Him with all I am - or lose Him for eternity.

Jasna Beocanin

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