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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where comes Peace to the Nations ?


The Power of the Gospel and Ethnic Strife  
by John Piper

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Some further great thoughts on the topic I found on another Blog linked:

Unity of The Church

by Joe Quatrone Jr.

A parallelism exists between a believer’s physical body, which has parts with differing functions, and the community of believers in Christ as a spiritual body.  The point is that each member functions to serve the body, not the body to serve the members.  Just as the parts of our physical bodies function under the direction of our brains, so too each member of the church is to work together under the command and authority of Jesus Christ.  All believers belong to Christ and our spiritual unity is to be manifest in the way we live.
Peter lists five key elements that bring unity to believers in the church: (1) “harmony” – pursuing the same goals (2) “sympathy” – being responsive to others’ needs (3) “love” – seeing and treating each other as brothers and sisters (4) “compassion” – being sensitive and caring (5) “humility” – seeing ourselves from God’s perspective and acting accordingly (Pt. 3:8-11).

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