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Monday, October 24, 2011

Faith - Thermometer: What is your temperature ?

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One of the evidences of not drinking deeply from Jesus is the instability of constantly moving from one thing to the next, seeking to fill  THE VOID.

You may be going through sexual partners, you may be going through friends, through jobs, you may be going through churches, just one after the other, you may be going through hobbies - internet stuff hobbies, games - you may be going through hairstyles, wardrobes, cars, locations, of where you live -

- because there is no deeply contented identity in Christ -deeply contented, deeply satisfied.

Your soul is a cavern of desire.

I offer myself to you, Jesus says, as water that lives. It becomes a well, it just satisfies day after day, you get up with hungers and longings and soul achings in the morning and come to me and find stability of contented identity.

And then you don´t move around so much, jumping here, jumping there. Crave, crave, crave, but nothing works.

That sounds static, doesn´t it ? Baloney, it isn´t static ! Believe me, it isn´t static.

There is a difference between a confident movement of Faith and craving movement of frustration ...

John Piper

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